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November 17th, 2016 by J

Ever wondered how hot Maggie Q is when she was a few years younger and having some hardcore sex with an older dude? Fortunately, you don’t have to just keep wondering how hot that would be because here is a leaked sex tape of hers few years ago, showing her perfect ass, a tattoo we never thought existed and of course, her hunger for an older man as her fuck buddy.

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Maggie even sports pigtails that will drive any man wild and give you a hard on as she bounce on your crotch, fucking that stiffy. Watch her hump on this lucky dude’s dick and look at her go on giving that blowjob. She gets drilled hard on the couch and got a load of spunk, making a huge mess on the floor.

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June 29th, 2016 by J

Maggie Q is one of those who you would consider, the kind of person who started from humble beginnings. She wasn’t like some who grew up with a silver spoon in their mouths, which made Q quite special because all of the hard work she’s done from scratch until she reached the A-List she is reaping like mad now, and most times, laughing her way to the bank. No more of the just twenty bucks in her pocket but she’s got her wallets loaded and she can now get whatever she wants. She has Jackie Chan to thank for for he has given her her big break in acting. Then again, Chan did say he saw potential in Q as an artist and it came out naturally for her. She only needed the right mentor and Q did get the perfect one who boosted her career, so far from how she could’ve imagined what success was like. We can talk formalities about Q’s life all day but she ain’t all work, no play. One of the reasons why she’s a balanced individual is knowing when to halt and relax to not get burnout from her job.

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She does this on her own or with some friends or at times with just one pal along and do whatever she wants. There’s never a time where she got bored when with company because Q knows how to spice things up. In the recent events in her circle of friends came some surprising revelations. One of which is the fact that one of her girlfriends is into her and wanted so bad to see her do something naughty. She was clear though that Q need not do it in front of her if she ain’t comfortable with the idea but she’s up for the challenge. Besides, this is the time to prove that she is the kind who balances work and play. Displaying her perky breasts and hairy cunt for her friend, she’s kinda shocked to feel excited about the new experience instead of hold back. She said that in the back of her head, she was screaming to do more with this chick because she’s getting too horny by masturbating for her. But Q wanted to save the hardcore moments for later so she has more to show you lot. Watch her masturbate until she reaches orgasm for her horny lady friend.

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June 29th, 2016 by J

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Unlike the rest of the women in Hollywood, Maggie Q prefers to leave something to the imagination by not leaving her pubic area bald all the time. Her partner enjoys seeing her pussy with still a bit of bush left so he could tease her a bit as he caresses the tiny locks of hair, making Maggie wet fast. She actually gets wet and horny faster this way than when her man goes straight into flicking his stiff tongue on her exposed clit. They enjoy the foreplay and you’ll get to see how much they put this into good use.

Aside from putting on her kinky see-thru lingerie, which exposes those fine curves, and then spreading her nice stems to reveal that cunt, she likes getting mouth-fucked rough as rough and as deep as she gets her twat plowed. For her it’s always a package deal, feeding her with your huge throbbing cock through her mouth and also satisfying her warm pussy lips with wild thrusts in every possible position you can think of. Pretty hardcore, eh? Never thought of Maggie Q as being this super slutty, I bet. You’re in for more surprises in this homemade sex tape.

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Nobody defines sexy asian-american sex kitten better than Maggie Q. With a face that could lure men in a lustful trance, this sultry exotic vixen will fully capture your eyes as well as your cocks. Maggie Q’s hot body graced top-rated action movies like Mission Impossible 3 and Live Free, Die Hard but whatever role she portrays, you can be sure she brings out the exotic spice with her alluring sex appeal. Now I know Christmas is still a few months away but consider this your early Christmas present fellas. Feast your  eyes to this insanely sexy Holiday treat wearing red Santa lingerie. If this is the sight I will see by the fireplace, I’m positive I don’t need the coal to light the fire because Maggie Q’s semi-naked body is already burning my body with my sexual desires. See more of Maggie Q’s naked pics in this site!

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Before actress Maggie Q made it big in Hollywood, she had appeared in several Asian films notably the action flicks Gen-Y Cops and Naked Weapon. It was during the filming of Naked Weapon where Maggie did this hot love scene with her leading man by the beach and as they were groping and kissing passionately on the sand, you can get to see some shots of her tits as the actress went eventually topless during the entire scene. This celebrity babe sure is smokin’ like hell and seeing her tits on the big screen is an absolute treat most especially for her adoring male horndogs who may have been panting and drooling the entire time inside the movie house.

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Hollywood actress Maggie Q has made it big in the showbiz industry and is now enjoying the spotlight more than what she had back then when she was a model. And it’s her sexy and slender figure as a model that had the public notice her most especially with the guys who just couldn’t get enough of her. She even posed for Maxim magazine in one of their issues and man is she one hot chick! She flaunts her gorgeous body like a pro and you can just get all dreamy and stuff by just staring at her and eventually get a nasty hard-on afterwards. Well, here is it guys… Maggie Q’s steamy sexy magazine pictures for all of you to see and enjoy.

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It has been a known fact that Asian-American Hollywood actress Maggie Q is a strong supporter of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) Asia-Pacific and she has already done several advertisements for the organization aside from the fact that she was responsible for the removal of real fur from the costumes/set of the production of the Chinese film Three Kingdoms. A lot of high-profile celebrities and individuals who are in support of PETA have appeared in their ads in the nude and Maggie Q is one of them.

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